Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Memorize Scripture?

My New Year's resolution is to memorize more Scripture.  I have decided that I must do this, and continue to do this, for the following reasons:
  • To know Jesus.  Something that Pastor has brought up from time to time in the pulpit is that, if you want to know Jesus more, then read the Bible more, especially the gospels.  Thus, much of my memorization will be from the gospels.
  • To be able to listen to God.  God talks to us through His Word.  To listen when God has something to say, the Word must be there in front of you.  It occurs to me that this becomes more effective when memorized, because:
    • The Holy Spirit will use what you've memorized to initiate what He has to say to you.
    • There are often times when you can't read a Bible (praying at night when you can't sleep, driving long commutes, unplanned conversations or events, etc).
    • When you are reading the Bible, other related passages will come to your mind.
  • To live in Obedience.
    "Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee."  When the Word is in you, it is a weapon of offense against the tempter.  Jesus used it very effectively this way.  He did not have a scroll with him out in the wilderness.  He had the Word memorized, and with it He confounded the devil and utterly defeated him.
New Year's resolutions are infamous for being abandoned soon after they are made.  I myself have done this.  But I am in earnest.  I also have a specific plan of action:
  1. Memorize between 3 and 10 verses a week.  (The idea is that 3 is a minimum, and 10 is a reasonable goal.)
  2. Keep a progress chart on the wall at my apartment, so my roommates can keep me accountable.
  3. Keep a progress chart on the wall at my folk's house, so that my family can keep me accountable.
  4. Keep a progress widget on this blog, so that all the rest of you can keep me accountable.
  5. Begin in Matthew 3, and continue through to the end of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7), before starting a new passage.
As I write this, it is January 14th, Tuesday of the third week of the year.  I am on the last couple of verses of Matthew 3.  I am eager for what God might work in my life through this.

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