About James

My name is James.
James Dunn.
My full name is Thomas James Boone Dunn.
My father's name is Thomas, so my parents called me by my middle name to avoid confusion, and I have gone by James ever since.
Boone is my father's mother's maiden name -- through her side of the family I'm descended from Daniel Boone's family (although not directly from him).
T. James Boone is my pen name.
I am a Christian.  I follow Jesus Christ and I belong to Him.  It is my desire to magnify His name in everything I say and do.
I'm the oldest of eight siblings: Myself, Ezra, Isaac, Nat, Rosie, Arthur, Susannah, and David (four boys, a girl, a boy, a girl, and a boy).  We all are/have been homeschooled.
For a while, I was a part-time a piano tuner.  Out of that, I also became (and still am) a part-time piano teacher.
I'm a full-time software developer.
I write poetry, essays, and even fiction.  To see what I and other homeschoolers write, hie thee over to Apricotpie.